Letter from Stefan Morawski written 09.06.1967


     n       Dear Professor,

     n            n       I am writing to give you my belated reply to your letter from 6/1. I read your “Betrachtungen …” (part 2) carefully and am reflecting on your comments.
   n            n       I will publish my article. Firstly, because it is inadvisable to postpone information about your book and the discussion with it for almost a year. Secondly, because you do not have time to give me your accurate and detailed counterarguments. Thirdly, because what you wrote so far, I took into account (i.e. I do not think I have read you incorrectly – I will return to this point in a moment) Fourthly, only fools could read my essay as an attempt to “outtalk” you. I do not write for those nor care about them. Fifthly, because I not only greatly respect and admire you, but also like you, I have asked myself many times if I could have spoken against my intentions…? Those from my circle who read this essay all say that it is entirely a homage to you.
   n            n       And now for your previous comments. a) You have developed the matter of objectivity subtly and wonderfully, but for considerations on the objective status of aesthetic values ​​nothing new comes of it. I learned a lot from “Betrachtungen,” but I still have the same reservations about “objectivity” in your different interpretations.
   n            n       b) The issue of nonrelationality and relationality must be left open. I am not accusing you of anything here; I just see the issue differently. And most of my comments refer not so much to your work as to my thoughts regarding your suggestions. After all, you should understand me – the older I am and the more precisely my own view on certain issues is shaped, the harder it is for me to write an authentic review.
   n            n       c) As for the quality of values and values. You are right and you are not. Because on p. 129 et seq. And on p. 167/8 you write that these are two different
     n            n      d) With regards to artistic and esthetic values I cannot say anything more than what I wrote – I will simply be waiting for your elaboration of the explanation and analysis.
   n            n      I have expanded my text with additions regarding points a) and c), as to capture your thought more accurately. I would like to show you my notes and reflections on your works. I cannot imagine you would rebuke me for them.

     n            n      Dear Professor, after all, the discussion between us is only for some “select” ones. Those who read it will undoubtedly understand that Morawski, unlike Pelec, took a lot from Ingarden. Aufhebung ….


I am going to Berlin on Monday. I will be back on 19th. I will not be going to Krakow. I would like your paper for Aesth. St. Porębski will also be writing something. So will I. It will be a triple voice on the same subject. I am with you contra Bense, but we cannot forget about Moleste. That is different!


     n            n      I am asking you for the review of Graff. Leszek K. has already written his. The last meeting of the Faculty Council will bw on 6/27. Last date.

     n      Best regards
   n            n      StMorawski