Letter to Tadeusz Kotarbiński written 29.04.1951

Cracow, 29/4/1951

The Honourable
Prof. Dr Tadeusz Kotarbiński
Łódź, Uniwersytecka 3. Apt. 2.

                Most Honourable Rector!

                                                                      While thanking you kindly for addressing yourself to me concerning the question of the Studia Philosophica periodical, I report the following:

                               I am, in fact, the completely fictitious co-editor of the said periodical; indeed, over the past four years its current editor has not discussed any editorial matters with me. More than once I thought of renouncing this apparent function; finally, however, I decided not to do so. At present, however, in view of the reorganisation and changes in the character of Studia Philosophica, and with the assumption that I would still be only a ‘figurehead’ co-editor, I courteously ask you not to consider me when proposing the composition of the new editorial board. Instead, I am taking the liberty of proposing Dr D. Gromska, an individual valued not only for her knowledge of foreign languages, but also for her great diligence and experience in editorial matters.

As for other matters concerning Studia Philosophica, I think it would be appropriate to stipulate the following:

1. About 25 to 30 arkuszy per volume.

2. that volumes should appear more frequently than they have recently, thus either annually or at least biannually; otherwise, the continuity of the publication is disrupted.

3? If for some reason it were to prove useful, I would consider it permissible for Studia to appear in zeszyty[O1] , with the number of the corresponding volume, but, in that case, at shorter intervals.

4. Given that, upon my asking whether Studia was intended to be purely about logic or chiefly about logic, the minister, Mr Rapacki, replied that, in his opinion, philosophical essays might be published, I would consider it advisable to make note of this in a letter to the Ministry, and therefore to retain the present title of the journal. I mention this because the present editor of the journal has more than once mentioned that the title ought to be changed to Studia Logica. If indeed the publication were to be purely concerned with logic or logistics in the future, I would in that case insist on changing the title completely (e.g. to Acta Logica Poloniae) to avoid creating the false appearance of publishing continuity.

                                                                              I attach expressions of profound respect,

Roman Ingarden


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