Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 01.03.1966

POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES                       v                     v             Warsaw, 1/3/1966


Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden


   v     Most Honoured Professor!

   v     Thank you for your letter. We’re sorry about your difficulty in attending our semiotic conference. We’d be very glad, however, if you were to attend even late, if the arrangement of your autumn classes permits.

   v     If the confluence of deadlines doesn’t permit this, I’ll completely understand. Perhaps, however, in that case you wouldn’t mind sending your sketch for the book of conference materials.

   v     Concerning the matter of election to the previously mentioned international Scientific Society, it will suffice to inform Prof. W. Nowacki or I. Malecki of this fact.

I enclose expressions of genuine respect
   v         v     S Żółkiewski