Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 13.12.1966

POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES                     v                       Warsaw, 13/12/1966
         v                                 v                                    v              Palace of Culture and Science

       v      L. dz. SN/53/6224/66


       v      Most Honoured Professor!

       v      We would like to call into existence a national semiological society capable of forming a platform for the co-operation of scholars interested in problems of semiology, as broadly understood. We are facing the task of organising the International Semiological Congress in 1967, with a programme focusing on six general issues: 1. general sign theory, 2. natural and artificial languages, 3. semiotics of art, 4. semiotics of behaviour, 5. semiotics of myth, 6. zoosemiotics, issues of speech pathology, etc.
       v      We anticipate that the Polish Semiotic Society may become a member of the International Semiotic Society, which would be called into existence at the congress we are planning.
       v      Therefore, we kindly ask you to take part in a meeting which will take place on 14 January 1967 at 12 noon in the office of the Secretary of the First Department of the Polish Academy of Science, Palace of Culture and Science, on the 21st floor.
       v      We would be very grateful if you were to notify us of your participation early enough for us to provide you with hotel accommodation and send a delegacy guaranteeing reimbursement of travel expenses.

I enclose expressions of genuine respect
       v      S Żółkiewski
v = (Prof. Dr Stefan Żółkiewski)