Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 15.03.1968

vv    POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES                    v           Warsaw, 15 March 1968
FIRST DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES          v            Palace of Culture and Science
  v                   v    L. dz. WI-112/5nw-4/68


Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden
Cracow 2, Biskupia 14, apt. 15


    v           vI hereby politely inform you that at the plenary meeting of the First Department of the Polish Academy of Sciences on 7 March of this year you were chosen as a member of the Committee for departmental awards in the field of the philosophy of pedagogy and psychology.
  v           vThe chairman of the Committee is Prof. Dr Tadeusz Kotarbiński


  v           vS Żółkiewski
(Prof. Dr Stefan Żółkiewski)