Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 26.02.1964

POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES                 c                 c                  Warsaw, 26/2/1964
 c      c           c           c           c           c           c           c           c        Palace of Culture and Science

L.dz. W.I.Og/64


Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden


Honoured Professor,

Thank you kindly for your letter of 5/2 of this year, which contains valuable clarifications regarding the International Congresses of Aesthetics. We hadn’t had exhaustive information on the organisation of international aestheticians for two reasons: until recently, members of the International Committee were part of the Ministry of Culture and Arts, and secondly, none of the members of the Academy had clarified the ‘prehistory’ of this organisation.
     c      Unfortunately, this doesn’t make the situation any easier for me, since Prof. W. Tatarkiewicz reported his trip to this Congress during the preparation of the travel plan (June of last year). The Department’s committee for foreign affairs approved the application, and thus the plan became binding, of which Prof. Tatarkiewicz was notified.
     c      While conceding that you’re completely in the right, it would be difficult and awkward for me to make changes at this point.
     c      As for the dues, I don’t quite understand your informants at the Secretariat when they say there are still free foreign currencies and that new applications can be submitted, since the Department’s plan has exceeded the sum of foreign currency allocated to it; thus there is no 1-dollar reserve.
     c      Once again, I assure you that I’ll do my best to help you concerning this trip; unfortunately, I’m unable to commit myself to anything more than this.

I enclose expressions of high respect
     c                 S Żółkiewski
     c      (Prof. Dr Stefan Żółkiewski)