Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 02.09.1949

Toruń, 2 September 1949

                                   Dear Roman!


            I cordially thank you for your letter of 3 August of this year, which I found after returning to Toruń a few days ago from vacation (which I spent, as in previous years, in Lower Silesia at the family’s). Thank you for your remarks regarding both Logic and the defects in Philosophical Movement. As for Logic, I myself realise how much it’s lacking. Philosophical Movement, too, is unfortunately far from perfect, and I’m trying as hard as I can to make it better and better. I’m keeping your remarks in mind, to make use of them in the future[O1] .

            I’ll be very happy to accept your polemical remarks on Tadeusz Witwicki’s review for Philosophical Movement, 2‒3 printed pages more or less. You don’t have anything against my communicating with Tad about this as an interested party, do you? I ask only that you send these remarks as soon as possible, as Philosophical Movement is already being printed.

            I received the new issue of Philosophical Quarterly, which, probably for financial reasons, appeared in a reduced form, to the point that it doesn’t include my essay on ethics as an empirical science. I wouldn’t want this essay to wait too long to be printed; therefore, maybe you wouldn’t mind talking to Tatarkiewicz as to whether he might not be able to print this sooner in Philosophical Review. I’m writing to him at the same time about this matter.

                        Best regards and cordial greetings




[O1]Oryginalna wersja ma przeszłość [past], ale nie ma sensu.