Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 05.06.1966

Toruń, 5 June 1966

                        Dear Roman!

            Thank you very much for your letter of 27 May. I didn’t answer right away, as I had a very busy week. On the way from Cracow I stayed three days in Wrocław, and upon returning home, I found guests, my wife’s cousins, following whose departure another guest, Stanisław Krystyn Zaręba[O1] , an old friend from Vilnius, currently a professor of mathematics at one of the British universities, arrived with his wife. Both visits were very nice, but time-consuming.

            I didn’t concern myself with Szewczyk’s reply and I get the impression from a few words of conversation that he himself didn’t take it very seriously and that it was simply a manifestation of youthful defiance; my whole stay in Cracow left a pleasant impression on me. ‒ I hope that your rheumatic ailments will gradually subside; already at our age, unfortunately, we’re starting to hurt here and there.

            My wife and I send cordial regards

            to both of you

                                               Your Tad



[O1]Tak pisane w oryginalu; poprawna ortografia Zaremba