Postcard to Kazimierz Twardowski written 21.04.1923

Date of creation 21.04.1923
Related places Lviv
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Field philosophy


Most Honourable Professor!

Thank you very much for your last card. I didn’t reply right away, because time flies so fast that I didn’t even notice, and it’s already 21 April. I’m coming to the Congress (if they don’t deny me my leave at the last minute; I’ve submitted my official application), and I never had any intention of abandoning the original plan. It was only a question of the paper. I could still do it even now. But I’d have to give up my dissertation for a month, and then I’d have a lot of hard work for the matura exam and classification, so probably I wouldn’t be able to return to it until July. And I want to finally finish, at least to the extent that after returning from Lviv, there would be nothing left but stylistic finishing and other similar trifles. The whole thing will amount to about 8‒9 arkuszy of print. At the moment I have 120 pages ready and 70 pages of the old text that I’ve been reconstructing. ‒ I find it very regrettable that I’m going to let the Congress down, but perhaps consideration of the conditions in which I’m working will justify me. Anyway, it seems Fr Kobyłecki wishes to speak on a related topic; thus during the discussion I’ll attempt to outline my position. I’m very sorry that it’s all fallen out so unfavourably, and for my own selfish reasons.

I enclose expressions of profound respect


R Ingarden