Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 21.09.1949

Toruń, 21 September 1949


                                  Dear Roman!

            I have in front of me three offprints of ‘From studies on the issue of the form and content of a work of art’ and ‘Methodological introduction to the theory of cognition’, for which I cordially thank you. I can guess what sorts of difficulties are holding up the printing of this badly needed book. The Toruń Scientific Society is dealing with similar difficulties.

            I also thank you for your letters of 6 and 15 September this year. The first came along with an official invitation from Philosophical Quarterly to supply a summary of my article; I’m sending this summary in the attachment. I’m grateful to you for the news that the article will be going to press soon, and of course there’s no reason for any changes.

            Of course, I’ll print your remarks on the topic of Witwicki’s review in full. I don’t think Tadzio will undertake further polemics. I’ll send you the proofs. The first part is already in final proofs.

            Would you agree to the removal of the phrase (p. 1, sixth line from the bottom) ‘(very politely expressed, isn’t it?)’ ‒ which contains some emotional colouration ‒ from your remarks?


                                                                              I attach best regards

                                                                              and cordial greetings