Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 19.05.1919

Lublin, Wieniawska 12.



Honourable Professor!

            Two weeks ago, I took the liberty of turning to you with a polite request for your gracious support for my application at the Ministry of Public Education and Religious Denominations in connection with help in getting to Warsaw. Having received a definite proposal today from Mr Wojciech Górski[O1] , director and owner of an 8-class philological school in Warsaw, to take a permanent teaching post at his school ‒ and on significantly better terms than those I could get in a state school – I’ve decided to accept this proposal, especially given my doubts as to whether I would obtain a state post in Warsaw. As a result, I’m going to withdraw my application at the Ministry immediately. However, for fear that you may have taken some steps in my interests in vain – in light of my present decision – I’m hastening to inform you of my decision without delay, to thank you very cordially for supporting me, and to fervently apologise for the fact that, given the circumstances, I can no longer take advantage of your support.

            I’m terribly happy that I’m going to be in Warsaw – and that I’ll find a group of Lviv philosophers there – and especially Prof. Witwicki[O2] . My last discussion with him during the Easter holiday in Cracow aroused in me the conviction that we’ll find many points of contact in our work. I only deeply regret that I won’t find you in Warsaw. Then the Lviv traditions would develop more strongly in a new place.

            I haven’t sent a review of Jahrbuch [German: Yearbook] yet, since unfortunately Movement [i.e. Philosophical Movement] once again has had to suffer the violence of war; I suppose, then, that the matter is not so urgent. If it turns out otherwise, I can send this review within a short time.

            Once again I fervently apologise to you if my previous letter unfortunately exposed you, through my fault, to needless trouble, and I send expressions of profound respect

                                                                                                               Dr Roman Ingarden



[O1]Wojciech Górski (1849‒1935)
[O2]Władysław Witwicki (1878‒1948)