Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 01.03.1968

Roman Ingarden
Cracow, Biskupia 14

Cracow, 1 March 1968


                Dear Władysław,

                                              thank you for your letter of 12 February. It took 16 days (air mail), but the offprint of Tymieniecki’s article took two and a half months from Boston (not by air). Under these conditions, no correspondence really makes sense any more. Nobody knows who’s at fault.

                I’m glad that you feel well in the States and aren’t wearing yourself out with lectures. The weather’s also better there; we had a miserable winter and hence many cases of flu. I was ill myself from mid-January on, to the point that I spent two weeks in bed and don’t feel completely well even now. Tomorrow I want to go to Rabka for 10 days in order to get rid of a slight temperature. I hope the weather’s going to be nice.

                You write that you’re going to Uppsala. I’m not. I believe that this isn’t an aesthetics but a sociology congress, and that doesn’t interest me very much. Souriau and Michelis wrote to me explaining how I happened to disappear from the list of members of the international committee. Their letter contains an apology of sorts, but also various statements that are inconsistent with the facts. I wrote a letter including some remarks on how it really happened, but then gave up the idea of sending it, because nothing’s going to come of this correspondence. Souriau writes, for example, that you were nominated to the committee (which was unnecessary), because at that point (that is, before 1956 in Paris) you were, but he doesn’t remember that you weren’t (re-)elected until 1960 in Athens. That’s as much as the letter I received was worth. However, I am going to Vienna, where I’m going to have a paper on responsibility and, on top of that, the introduction to a discussion at one of the aesthetics meetings. Apparently, as Iza told me, you intend to be in Poland in mid-May. But we won’t see each other immediately, because on 27 April I have to be in Vienna, where I’m supposed to pick up the so-called Herder prize which was awarded to me this year. Then I intend to go to Switzerland, and possibly to England to do a bit of work on the continuation of Spór [The Controversy over the Existence of the World] there. Given that you don’t intend to go to Vienna, we’ll see each other only in Poland this autumn.

                Professor Harrell, whom you mention in your letter, wrote back to me, but I do not know what he [O1] had in mind. So far I haven’t written back.

                My news: the Czech translation of my book O poznawaniu dzieła literackiego [The Cognition of the Literary Work of Art] has come out. The German edition of this book has gone to press at Niemeyer and will probably appear in the spring.

                Ossolineum sent me Volume II of your History of Aesthetics on your behalf, which I’ve already thanked you for. Just in case, I repeat my cordial thanks.

                Wishing you continued success and good weather in the States, I hereby send you cordial greetings and best regards to your wife

                                                                                           Your Roman



[O1]Oryg: którym/mu ale chyba odnosi do Prof. Jean Harrell, kobieta [???]