Letter from Wacław Borowy written 16.02.1939

Warsaw, Św. Barbary St. 10


       n             Dear Mr. Roman!
       n             I am at your disposal, all the more eagerly, since it was only in the final stage of writing the article on Kridl that I decided to remove most of the bibliographical information. So, on page 183, the Latin quote is Ovid’s Heroides IV 29 (Phaedra Hippolyto); the French one is the beginning of Joachim Du Bellay’s sonnet, very popular in many anthologies; then follows Szarzyński, after that a poem from Shakespeare’s sonnet 116 (Let me not to the marriage of true mind); the German poem comes from the preface from Hermann and Dorothea. On page 181, I am quoting Virgil (Aen. I 462) and Alfred de Vigny (the last part of La Mort du Loup).
       n             I heard that you were also going to write about Kridl. Have you persisted in this intention?
       n             Bows, greetings and true respect


P.S. I have not carefully read your Polish work so far, I do not know that I will be able do it soon, since I will be busy with other things for a longer while. Only now have I found out that I had mistakenly written down your address. I wonder if the book (The Effects of Music) I sent to you at this wrong address – almost a year ago – ever reached you.