Postcard from Wacław Borowy written 25.05.1922

Date of creation 25.05.1922
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Dear Sir! Unfortunately, I do not know how the matter of translations presents itself legally, because I have not put any translations in print as of yet. The practice in general is for all “agreements” to be arranged by the translator (because the costs are lower for the translator than a bookseller-publisher) and for the publisher to send money to them, if necessary. So maybe you should – for clarity of the matters – get in contact with this publisher too; if the price is acceptable, the Bibljoteka Polska [Eng. Polish Library] Publishing will take up the job (I am mentioning the price, as the funding for the Warsaw Review project is scarce, so they probably would not be willing to pay extra). My best regards.

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Roman Ingarden, PhD
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