Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 19.10.1949




Dear esteemed colleague,

I expect that we’ll meet at the meeting of the Board of the Polish Philosophical Society on the 26th of this month, and subsequently in Cracow, because I want to spend the time around All Saints’ Day there ‒ however, there are a few issues that can’t wait.

Concerning in particular the Library of Classics:

1) Ms Justyna Rudniańska, Stefan’s widow, agrees to the publication of Man a Machine with corrections and without comments.

2) Dr Stanisław Czajkowski (who before the war had already published one or two papers on Descartes in Review) proposes a translation of Leibniz’s Monadology, which he has already partly finished (address: Łódź 9, Sasanek 4a).
3) As you probably know, editorial planning is now being done for 1950. The philosophical department is entrusted to Ms Ossowska. She believes that translations of the classics have, relatively speaking, the greatest chance. You need to send her your plans.

4) I wrote to Łubnicki, offering him a lecture about Herzen at the Polish Academy of Learning Committee in October. So far he hasn’t written back; perhaps this could be left in your hands? I would be very happy if a Commission meeting were to take place this month. If Łubnicki doesn’t let us know, then perhaps we could get someone else for the 28th of this month?

                                                                                              A cordial handshake

                                                                                                              W. Tatarkiewicz