Letter from Irena Krońska written in 11.11.1965

Warsaw, 11/11/1965


Dear Professor,

 c    thank you very much for the second volume of the German “Controversy”. The book looks lovely and is also a great read.
 c    I caught the flu, which is all over Warsaw at the moment, and today it has also defeated Myzia. I did not anticipate it at all, and it complicates all my plans. And before the flu I had a different kind of disaster, namely painting the apartment.
 c    Please let me know how you are feeling.
 c    Reading Ideas had to be interrupted, because there was an urgent proof of volume II of Hegel’s Aesthetics to be done, as it is supposed to come out this year, and without it the editors would not have carried out this year’s plan. But I think that it will still be able to go into production at the end of January.
 c    And how is Mr. Gierulanka?

 c    My deepest respect and cordial greetings

I Kronska