Letter to Tadeusz Kotarbiński written 12.10.1949

Cracow, 12/10/1949

Most Honourable Rector!

                Thank you kindly for the ticket, which I received today. It so happened by chance that I accidentally met Dr Chojecki a few days ago, and today, even before receiving your letter, we discussed the fact that Dr. Chojecki was ready to undertake a translation from French. We parted on the note that the Library of Classics Committee is choosing something French from the eighteenth century which would be suitable for publication within the framework of the Library of Classics of Philosophy, and that, after the decision has been made, I will speak to Mr Chojecki. Since you are one of the members of the Libr. of Class. Phil. Committee, I would like your opinion as to which author and which eighteenth-century French work you would advise for translation into Polish. I note that at the moment two items from the eighteenth century are ready to go to press, namely, a newly-revised edition of de la Mettrie’s Man a Machine in a translation by Rudniński, and Condillac. Sur les origines des connaissances humaines in a translation by K. Brończyk. I take this opportunity to let you know that a (new) translation of Descartes’s Discourse on Method is also ready to go to press, whereas Hume’s Treatise (by Znamierowski) and the Principia Philosophiae of Descartes are in the process of being translated.

Many thanks for the information about Ms Rudniańska’s address. I attach expressions of profound respect and regard.

Roman Ingarden

Postscript. I’ve recalled one more thing: namely, I intend to devote the next volume, XIX, of the Philosophical Quarterly for 1950 to Cartesius, with regard to the 300th anniversary of his death, or at least to fit in a series of essays on the subject of Descartes. In this connection I ask whether you might be able to furnish an essay on Cartesian philosophy. I would be very happy to receive such an essay! In addition, Ms Skwarczyńska has told me that reportedly Mr Czajkowski has an essay, or several essays, on the theme of Cartesian philosophy which he has not been able to publish yet. I would gladly publish one of them, more or less representing the whole, in the Quarterly. I am asking you to kindly mediate in this last matter, as I don’t know Mr Czajkowski or his address, as well as for a few gracious words in response to the matters raised here.