Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 27.04.1937

EDITORIAL BOARD,      n            n             n             n            nWarsaw, 27/4/1937
PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW      n             n             n             n      MARSZAŁKOWSKA 25, TEL. 710-00


Dear Honoured Colleague,
n             n             n             n             Please forgive me for writing back after such a long delay, but your letter, having arrived immediately following my departure for Yugoslavia and Greece, sat for a month before I received it upon my return. Perhaps the issue of an upper-high-school philosophy programme is already outdated; nevertheless I’m sending it in the enclosure. I’ve expressed my opinion and submitted it to the University and to T.N.S.W. [Towarzystwo Nauczycieli Szkół Średnich i Wyższych, Association of Teachers of Middle and Higher Schools], which will pass it on to the Ministry. I’d be very glad if you’d also express your views.
n             n             n             n             I was pleased to learn that it was possible to take a more optimistic look at the dates for printing Studies [Studia Philosophica] and to expect proofs.

n             n             n             n             I enclose a cordial handshake

n             n             n             n             n             n             n             n       Wtatarkiewicz


n             n       please send news as to where the matter of the two promised Cartesian manuscripts stands. We already have 130 pages typeset in the Cartesian issue; if, however, your students’ papers are brief (I have no doubt that they are valuable), perhaps I could fit in at least one more. However, it’d have to be sent without delay.