Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 27.10.1936

EDITORIAL BOARD, PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW               n                  n                    Warsaw 27/10/1936
Marszałkowska 25


Dear Honoured Colleague,
     n             n          n          Cordial thanks for Schwarz’s book, whose introductory part, about ‘Vorziehen’ [German: to prefer], I read with interest and benefit. I’m grateful to you for calling my attention to it. The author’s subsequent considerations regarding specific ethical issues attracted me less, and I didn’t even finish the volume – anyway, just like those who made use of the same copy before me, as the last signatures haven’t been cut yet. I take the liberty of pointing out that the copy is defective, with the 11th signature duplicated instead of the 10th. I’ve sent it back, and hope that it’s already back at the Institute. Please graciously inform me, when the opportunity arises, how much I owe for the postage.
     n             n             n        We’re preparing to print the commemorative book of the Congress in [Philosophical] Review. I hope – provided no unexpected circumstances arise – that it’ll appear before the end of 1936, as the fourth issue of this year.
     n             n             n        I’m still counting on your promised article; it’s just that, if it doesn’t end up in the third issue, where I reserved a place for it, there’ll be less haste and urgency from the editorial office now, precisely because of the congress issue, as well as the Cartesian issue, which – thanks to the lovely initiative of Lviv, anyway – I want to publish in the first half of 1937. And in this connection: wouldn’t you have an article for this issue? After all, méditations cartésiennes [French: Cartesian meditations] constitute a topic worthy of a phenomenologist. I’d be very glad of a positive response. The deadline would be March.

Expressions of respect and a cordial handshake

     n             n             n             n             n             n             n        Wtatarkiewicz