Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 03.08.1960

Rkp 1529

Cracow 3/8/60

Dear Władysław,

                       About 10 days ago, I received a sum of money from[O1]  Polish Scientific Publishers as the balance of the fee for the article in the Aesthetic Yearbook. I conclude from this that the Yearbook must have already appeared; I thought that I’d receive offprints and a copy of the volume, but so far I haven’t received anything. I’m giving myself permission, therefore, to turn to you with the question of how the matter stands, as well as a request in this case for the issuance of instructions to send me a copy and offprints.

            Here, news arrived yesterday concerning the retirement of 20 professors who have passed the age of 70. In philosophy, this included Prof. Gromska; as a result, we’re going to have trouble managing lectures. I was told, however, that this campaign includes all of Poland and that in Warsaw, retirement has been implemented for, inter alia, Kotarbiński and yourself. Since you once told me that you’d received an extension of three years, I’m very surprised at this news and would be grateful for a gracious reply as to how this matter really stands.

            As for the trip to Athens, I don’t know anything yet. Maybe I’ll be in Warsaw one of these days to find out. On the 17th, I’ll travel to the Conference on Poetics; on the 18th I’m supposed to have a lecture; soon afterwards I’d like to start for Athens, but that seems unlikely to me.

            The second edition of Das literarische Kunstwerk came out with Niemeyer in Tübingen. I was told that author’s copies had been sent to me on the 14th, but I haven’t received them yet. Nor did I receive the Journal of Philosophy with the Polish articles, although they wrote to me on 6 June that they were sending it. Nor, somehow, am I able to get other shipments of books from abroad, inter alia, that book about contemporary aesthetics, or an offprint of my article in Revue de Métaphysique which appeared recently. It keeps getting better and better.

                                  Cordial greetings, and I’m glad that we’ll probably see each other soon.

                                                                                    /signature/ Your Roman



[O1]Brakujące w oryginalu