Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 17.09.1963

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Cracow, 17/9/1963

Dear Władysław,

            I came back from Switzerland two days ago. You wrote that you’d now like to take up the matter of this Congress at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Write me about what you intend to do and whether I should come in connection with this matter, in order to actually go see the president, or wherever necessary, together. I’ve already talked to Akr[O1] . Anyway, I’ll be in the Netherlands at the beginning of December; it’d be good to clarify the situation together before then.

            Things were very good in Switzerland; I’m just a bit tired from the trip, because I had to drive at night; the worst was the road to Vienna, because of two borders, two hours of standing around at each. ‒ Please drop me a line. Cordial greetings. Your Roman



[O1]Nazwisko te już pojawiło się 2-3 razy, ale nie znalazłem żadnego odniesienia w Internecie.