Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 13.12.1933

Freiburg i.B., 13.XII.1933

Dear Friend,

            Your postcard filled us with intense joy.73 Thank God for that – and for giving you and your wife the strength to persevere so bravely. A new life is about to begin for you under the most fortunate circumstances, above all on the basis of moral courage strengthened by suffering. Fichte was right about at least one thing. One can be many things based on secondary or selfish motives, but the philosopher must have an ethical personality, or he is nothing. For us too, the end of the year brings a hopeful turn of events. I probably already mentioned in one of my letters that my son has been vindicated and appointed to Göttingen with honors. You must consider Hicks’s book on Berk[eley]; you should also write him! He is a very valuable and highly respected person in England – you could easily build a relationship with him. You should also pay attention to the new issue of Kantstudien that includes Dr. Fink’s article. It is written as if I had said it. Congratulations from both of us, also to your wife.

Yours, E. Husserl



We will be leaving at the end of the week to spend the holidays in Berlin. [EH]


Sincerest congratulations! I am very happy to hear about your appointment. My son has been appointed to Göttingen.

M[alvine] H[usserl ]