Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 18.02.1937

18.II 1937
Honoured and Dear Professor:
I keep postponing the long letter because I am almost always on the point of leaving for Z[akopane] and end up staying because of my teeth and commissions.  I have already written to Adjukiewicz and sent him Kotarbeusz’s and my brochure, asking him to give you the manuscript of my lecture at the conference – but I don’t know if he has done it, ye know, eh!
I have sent the summary of the lecture for the philosophical society to Twardowski, for the “Ruch” Press (he wanted it), but I do not know if he will print it. I have finished the polemics with Metallmann about Whitehead, and I wrote about solipsism and idealism (ontological evidence against).  I am conducting discussions with physicalist operationalists, v[ery] i[nteresting].  Bridgman’s last piece is excellent.  But what Russell is doing in An[alysis] of matter, God forbid. I would v[ery] much like to see and chat with you. Maybe I will go to Lviv in the spring. Now I am turning to Carnap, because I have to fell this beast anyhow.
I enclose words of deep respect and gratitude for both of you. F.G. [family gretings]
PS. My cousin Pietukiewicz is delighted with your response to his letter.



Dr. Roman Ingarden
Prof. U.J.K.
Zacharjewicz Street, 7 apt. 8