Postcard from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 24.02.1967

Toruń, 24 February 1967.

            Dear Roman! Thank you for your card of the 21st of this month. I regret that I was unable to be in Warsaw for the Polish Philosophical Society board meeting, but as a convalescent, I’m still under constant medical care; subjectively speaking, I feel well, but I still have some heart-related weaknesses and they (my doctor and my wife) won’t let me resume normal life yet. I’m taking medicine (injections) and waiting patiently. Nor will I be in Warsaw on 8 March for the IFSPAN [Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences] Academic Council. I’m happy to hear that Iza is doing better and is going to Krynica, but the sudden death of Czesław Znam.’s wife (he’s taking this misfortune very badly) has been a great concern. I haven’t heard anything about Dania for a long time.

            I’ll look into the issue of Ms Gierulanka’s subscription and, if necessary, we’ll send a new payment form.

            Elzenberg’s condition, after a temporary improvement, is again not good.

                        We both send both of you very cordial greetings

                                                                                              Your Tad





The Most Honourable
Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden
ul. Biskupia 14 apt.15


Tadeusz Czeżowski
Toruń, Warszawska 20