Letter from Edmund Husserl written bd.10.1915

Göttingen, October 1915

            I am happy to confirm that Roman Witold Ingarden of Krakow studied philosophy under my personal guidance during his time in Göttingen, and because of his rapidly developing talent, his zeal and diligence, he particularly aroused my interest in him. In the four semesters from the winter of 1912 to the summer of 1914, and again in the summer of 1915, he attended my philosophical seminar and was one of those students whom I could count on to deal with difficult problems. His doctoral thesis on Bergson’s philosophy, which he begun under my direction and continued to work on diligently, has not yet been completed due to the turmoil of war.

            To my dear colleagues at the University of Krakow, it is an honor to highly recommend Mr. Ingarden. He impressed me in all respects.

Dr. Edm. Husserl,

Full Professor at the University of Göttingen