Letter from Irena Krońska written in 21.11.1966

Warsaw, January 21, 1966


Dear and Honorable Professor,

thank you for your letter from January 16. I am only replying today, because I was waiting for the result of the search for the contract for “Time and Modes of Being”. It was found today, even in two copies, one of which was sent to Professor by our secretary Ms. Szczerbaczuk, so it will probably arrive at the same time as my letter (which I am writing from home).
     c    Thank you very much for your kind offer for me to edit your lectures on ethics and aesthetics. I have the will, of course, but I am also aware of two major difficulties: first, I do not know if I could do them justice, and secondly, I am overwhelmed with deadlines. As for the first difficulty, we would have to try and find out empirically. As for the second, the situation may improve slightly in May, because I believe that somewhere between February and April of this year I should get out of the backlog. If Professor believes both of these difficulties can be overcome, please kindly send me a copy of the typescript; I could familiarize myself with the text and see what the job would look like in terms of the required competences and labor intensity, and we would talk about it when the you are in Warsaw.
     c    I only know about the New York award from Professor’s letter – I think it is a serious accolade and congratulations.
     c    Before the end of this month I am submitting the second volume of the Dictionary for typesetting, and I am dizzy from the multitude of names that I often just heard for the very first time about /there are a lot of Arabs in this volume/. Husserl, beautifully rewritten, has already occupied his alphabetical place.

My deepest respect
     c    and most cordial greetings

 I Krońska