Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 20.06.1921

Freiburg, 20.06.21

Dear Doctor,

            It is my great pleasure that you keep me informed on your life and your philosophical work and let me partake. I was just about to write. Your paper on Bergson is in print, and one sheet is already being proofread. Dr. Heidegger made the great sacrifice to polish your manuscript linguistically, and Professor Pfänder agreed to work on the corrections. In the event you have someone in W[arsaw] who is completely fluent in German so that you could have it proofread over there, it would, of course, be highly desirable, and I would ask you to contact Mr. Pfänder and me immediately. We are under pressure to have it printed as soon as possible, since the first half of the Yearbook V is to be published in October (Miss Stein’s work (17 pages) has already been printed). Your work will be comprised of about 10 pages. In addition, please immediately send the manuscript for the cover page for the dissertation copies and a notification that you still have an obligation toward the University of Freiburg and that I gave my consent at that time. I will be meeting with the Dean tomorrow and I hope you will get away with about 10 copies. Due to the situation in the German book publishing industry, considering the prohibitive paper and printing prices, it has become difficult even for well-known authors to publish their manuscripts in print. Generally, younger authors must pay a large amount of the printing costs, even in magazines. Therefore, royalties for your article in IV are out of the question. The same applied to Mr. Hering. I don’t know how (the highly decent) Mr. Niemeyer will treat your dissertation. I doubt that he will be able to pay you a royalty other than printing your dissertation copies and the cover. However, for future Yearbook works, you will be considered a more experienced author and you should be receiving remuneration, especially because the younger authors do not get paid and this lowers the cost of the books. Stay well and try maintaining a sense of philosophical gaiety in your young home and in these turbulent times as well as inner freedom and worldly superiority – the freedom of pure ideas, which must be the source for your philosophical research. Pauca sed matura. Continue to develop personally and continue to confirm my hopes and my trust in you. What did you think about Scheler’s new work (“On the Eternal in Man”)? Scheler stayed true to himself. My wife, who had been sick, is well again and sends her regards. I have been very busy. Please send my regards to Dr. Rosenbl[um].

Best regards, E. Huss.