Letter from Kazimierz Twardowski written 05.06.1924

In Lviv, 5 June, 1924.

            Honoured Doctor!

At its meeting yesterday, the Council of the philosophical department of Jan Kazimierz University unanimously resolved to admit you to habilitation in philosophy.

The habilitation colloquium will take place – I hope – around the 20th of this month – but I can’t guarantee that there won’t be any acceleration or postponement of this date, for it depends not only on when the Dean calls the meeting of the faculty Council, but also on when I finally receive the proofs of the summaries – because without them, I can’t submit your application quoad meritum [Latin: with respect to merit] at the faculty Council, and the colloquium can’t be held before I submit it. As for the printing of the summary, I’ve expedited it to the extent possible, given that the thing is in the hands of Balzer himself.

I’ve received your letter of 26 May with the summary of papers, your letter of 27 May and your card of 29 May. An annotation regarding the presentation of the paper to the scientific Soc. is superfluous. As for ‘essentional’ or ‘essential’, I’ll let you know as soon as I find a bit of time – at present, I’m administering teacher’s examinations every day for three weeks, so I have absolutely no time for that.

            I enclose cordial greetings

                                                        K. Twardowski