Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 20.10.1936

Date of creation 20.10.1936
Related places Warsaw
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Field philosophy


Honoured and Dear Professor:
Once again, thank you very much for the photo, because at least I can imagine your workspace when I think about you and write to you. Will you not be in W[arsaw] in November? I’m finishing Husserl’s Transc. Logik – and I am  under a very heavy and depressing impression of the hopelessness of this book and those manuscripts under which his table is bending.
False terminology creates a jungle of artificial questions, these “difficult and long analyses” and “research” in which everything is lost in the instant. The initial original idea stumbles and then the rest of the volume (like a stumbling man) tries to regain balance. And so all the wraiths that idealism is creating, pure spirit (this ego and this human “I” are dreadful ) (doubled as nothing he`s doubled it for sure) God and hypostasis.  That is why, unfortunately, the wronskiites get attached to  Husserl, which you have tremendously shaken off, but somehow they gain this right despite the incredible consequences of this ego and intentionality. Wild speculation coming from hypostases. And this is almost un-refutable, because it is faith. Thankfully you are, having come out of it, a realist, but I always say that realism must lead to the abandonment of this terminology.  I am sorry that I write so openly to you, the expert, but it bothers me. I have received a large letter of philosophical content from Cornelius. By the way, you have not replied to me regarding his invitation. Please, and I am begging you not to take me for a megalopede, but I certainly know that Husserl is in the mist (mistaken) and I will prove it one day.
I enclose words of respect and affection. F.G. [family greetings]

n       Witkacy
NΠπ [no beer drinking] 2 weeks. NS [no smoking] –teen years. Have you stopped  smoking? Please forgive me. It is the cry of a savage in the jungle! How dare Ajdukiewicz say that he does not understand your questions?