Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 27.07.1966

Prof. Dr STEFAN ŻÓŁKIEWSKI       c                             c                    c             Warsaw, 27/7/1966



      c  Most Honoured Professor!

      c  Thank you kindly for the offprint of your paper, whose subject is always highly interesting for me.
      c  As for travel matters, as I was informed by Ms A. Kojdecka, in order to extend your passport to Norway, it’s necessary to submit a separate application and justification of the purpose of your trip, while enclosing the invitation from the organisers of the lectures.
      c  I sympathise with you over your holiday, which was spoiled by ailments, but hope that the sun and air will improve your health and that your intended trip will find you in good shape.
      c  I enclose expressions of esteem and cordial greetings

      c  S Żółkiewski
(Prof. Dr Stefan Żółkiewski)

Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden
Cracow, ul. Biskupia 14