Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 8/1/1948

Toruń, 8 January 1948


                               Dear Mr Roman!


                Success and failure are strangely intertwined in life, and so it is with Philosophical Movement. The success is that just before the new year I received a subsidy from the Ministry for the printing of the first issue; the failure is that shortly before that, Dania Gromska withdrew from all work associated with Philosophical Movement, motivated by a lack of faith in the success of the undertaking, behind which, in my opinion, is concealed her fatigue and malaise. Since my insistent representations have failed to change her decision, it is necessary to run Movement without her, which will undoubtedly prove a matter of great effort.

                In the midst of this trouble I turn to you with an urgent request for you to take over representation of the Editorial Office of Movement in Cracow and, with the help of your assistants, to send us all the information needed for Movement, in particular current news about readings, lectures, new publications, local philosophical institutions and author’s summaries from philosophical readings. I have not yet been able to look through the editorial material Dania sent me a few days ago and therefore I don’t know what other recent news I might need. If necessary I would turn to you with specific requests.

                I started lectures today, following the holiday break. Elzenberg will start them in a few days, as he is not completely well. My time has been taken up with work for Philosophical Movement and some activities related to the reorganisation of the local Academic Society; in accordance with the academic trend, we’re combining philosophy and philology in one department.

                                                                              Warmest expressions and cordial greetings