Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 28.05.1966

Warsaw 28 May 1966

            Dear Roman, an hour after sending my previous letter I received yours with the prints. Thank you very much. Maybe they’ll be able to make a good plate from these prints; I’d really like that.

            I hope that the problem with your leg has disappeared. For some time now I’ve also had problems with pain and stiffness in my legs, but with me it’s something else: sclerotic, poor circulation. Well, old age is no joy.

            I don’t think you missed much by not coming to the Polish Academy of Science General Assembly: these general, sketchy programmatic disseminations aren’t very nutritious. As far as philosophers were concerned, I was all alone. Kotarbiński in Norway. Schaff wasn’t there either, and I myself didn’t hold out very long.

            I congratulate you on the new edition of the second volume of Studies in Aesthetics. I checked the additions relative to the first volume: rather sparse.

            The Association of Art Historians organised, 19‒21 of this month in the village of Radziejowice (40 km from Warsaw), a ‘Methodological seminar devoted to the problem of values in art research’. Lectures were given by Dr Kmita from Poznań, Lech Kalinowski, Porębski, and, yes, myself. Your name came up in conversation many times, in reference to your formulations.

            On 3 June, we’re going to Świnoujście for three weeks, then, until 15 July[O2] , we plan to be in Warsaw.

                                  Thanks again. Wishes for good health, and a cordial handshake.