Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 21.09.1960

Rkp 1529

Cracow, 21/9/1960

Dear Władysław,

                       Our letters crossed in the post, so you know already why we weren’t able to travel to Oberhofen. The accident was, in fact, very serious, although it was one of the so-called ‘lucky’ ones. We were travelling at a speed of 100 km per hour; if it were not for the fact that my car was well balanced, it might have overturned, and then who knows how it would have ended up. Yes, we lost three to four days of time, and maybe it’ll still cost me a few thousand, but in the long run that’s nothing.

            I regretted not reaching Oberhofen mainly because of the lost opportunity to see a number of friends. I read the summaries of the papers on the way; it seemed to me that they were very weak.

            The invitation to California is advantageous in that it’s a beautiful country and worth seeing, but it’s very far from Poland; you have to fly, by jet, no less, which is very expensive. Meanwhile, the president of the Polish Academy of Sciences is now the president, which is not particularly advantageous for me.

            As for Mr Srzednicki, the best date was 10 December (Saturday), but in view of the fact that he’ll probably only arrive in Warsaw on that day, maybe it would be better to propose any of the days in the week after the 10th and thus, e.g., 12 or 17 December. Of course, it would be important for us to know the exact date chosen by the speaker about 10 days in advance. As for the subject, I suggest the one about significance in Wittgenstein. This issue is globally relevant and it would be good to discuss it.

            I’d be very happy if you would be so good as to come round to see us while you’re [O1] in Cracow.

Cordial greetings, and best regards to your wife

                                                                                                          /signature/ Your Roman


[handwritten addition]
The article for Aesthetics: soon I’ll send you a greatly expanded version in Polish, cordial greetings!



[O1]Oryg. będzie, ale prawdopodobnie powinna być będziesz