Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 29.11.1949

Rkp 1529


Cracow, 29/11/1949

The Most Honourable
Prof. Dr W. Tatarkiewicz


Dear Honourable Professor!

                                             I intend, during December (specifically 16/12), to convene a meeting of the full Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy concerning the establishment of a continued work programme and the possible co-opting of future Committee members (following the death of Fr Michalski, nobody was chosen to fill his place); finally, I intend to set up a terminological Subcommission, which would be responsible for developing guidelines for translators (especially of Aristotle) regarding essential terms. In this, I’m also concerned about training a number of young philologists and philosophers in this direction. I’d want this kind of subcommission to be selected by the Committee of the Library of Classics. I think it would be simplest if the meeting were to take place on the same day as the Philosophical Commission. The only thing I don’t know is whether you will be able to come for certain and whether Schaff’s planned lecture will take place on that day. I ask you, then, for a few words in gracious reply, so that I can then turn to Profs. Kotarbiński and Znamierowski. If Prof. Kotarbiński is in Warsaw now, I’d be very grateful to you for kindly asking him if he could come to Cracow on 16/12 (the Academy reimburses travel expenses).

                       I attach expressions of true esteem and cordial greetings

                                                                                               /signature/ Roman Ingarden