Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 04.11.1952

prof. Roman Ingarden         c     c     c     c     c     c   c     c       c     c                      9/4/1952
Krakow, Biskupia 14


c    The Editorial Committee of the LCP
c     c     c     c     c   c     c       c       W WARSZAWIE
   c     c     c     c     c     c    Foksal St. 17. NPI


c     c    In response to the letter from 10/28/1952 L.dz. BKF / a 390/52 regarding materials for the bibliography of Polish philosophical writings I attach herewith a bibliography of my philosophical works supplemented with a bibliography of other works and also – an incomplete – list of works that appeared on my books and dissertations. The bibliography of my works is complete and up-to-date. In certain places it lacks some details that I cannot complete because of the unattainability of relevant publications. Maybe the Bibliography Editors will be able to complete it more easily in Warsaw. The list of publications on my works has only been updated until the outbreak of the war in 1939 and includes only the most important titles of these publications, which I either own in print or had more accurate information on. However, I know that there is still a number of publications on my works /abroad/ regarding which I do not have the accurate data /e.g. on the subject of Essentiale Fragen/ and I have no way to obtain it as of today. The same applies to the publications from the war period and after 1945. Therefore, I decided not to provide a list of those.

/Prof. Roman Ingarden/