Postcard from Kazimierz Twardowski written 02.10.1918

Date of creation 2.10.1918
Related places Lviv
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Field philosophy

Lviv, 2. Oct. 1918.

Honoured Doctor!

In replying to your letter of 15/9 of this year, I inform you that Philosophical Movement will gladly number you among its collaborators, making use of your readiness to send in reports on papers representing the philosophical directions mentioned in your letter. Thus I ask you first of all for a report on two volumes of Jahrbuch [German: Yearbook], written, however, so that they can also be understood by non-phenomenologists, who cannot be assumed to be familiar with certain specific Husserlian terms. ‒ As for your manuscripts, which were stored by the late Stögbauer[O1] , I’ll ask Dr Błachowski [O2] about them, as he’s returning from holiday.

I attach cordial regards

                                                                                                               Dr K. Twardowski



[O1]Adam Stögbauer (1881‒1916)
[O2]Stefan Błachowski (1889‒1962)