Letter from Kazimierz Twardowski written 29.10.1923

In Lviv, 29 October 1923.



                       Honoured Doctor!

A year ago, I had you at my place, along with a group of my former students ‒ today I want to finally answer your letters of 16/8 and 5/10 of this year[O1] . And first of all I want to inform you that your diploma has been found ‒ it was searched for in Warsaw, while in the meantime it was lying peacefully in the closet in the dean’s office of philosophy of our University[O2] : that’s the way it goes.

Along with your letter of the 5th of this month, I received your polemic with Kotarbiński on the existence of ideal objects. I’ve already started to read your paper, and I’m reading it with great interest – my reading, or rather study, of the paper is proceeding very slowly, both because of my overload of classes and because I have at hand, alongside the paper, one or another of the papers you cited, so as to become acquainted with it. Thus I have to ask for patience; I think you’ll understand, though, that I wish to immerse myself thoroughly in your thought processes, for both material and personal reasons. You’ve put an enormous amount of effort into your research, and what I’ve seen of your paper so far most strongly predisposes me in its favour. I’ll also gladly carry out the wishes you expressed in your letter of 16 August regarding potential corrections; I don’t think, generally, that our communication will encounter any obstacles, and I regret only that you were worried, even if for a short time, that I might have misunderstood the remarks you made in one of your earlier letters.

I cordially share your worries and anxieties caused by your father’s severe illness. I hope that there is no danger at present ‒ please give your father my very best regards and pass on my wish for his speediest possible return to complete health.

Please don’t hurry to submit the summary of your paper ‒ until I’ve studied it completely, I won’t need the summary. How are you and how are your sons? – I’m guessing that the youngest, emulating the example of his older brothers, is doing well.

            I enclose cordial regards and greetings

                                                                   K. Twardowski



[O1]Oryginal: b.m. czyli this month, ale Twardowski dał 5.X.
[O2]oryg: 7niwersytetu