Postcard from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 13.02.1966

Toruń, 13 February 1966.

            My dear friend! Thank you very much for your letter of 31/1, and also for the book that was sent from Polish Scientific Publishers (certainly on your instructions), Studies in Aesthetics Volume 1, second edition. The previous edition, as can be seen, sold out quickly, within a few years; undoubtedly, aesthetic issues have become, in Poland as in the rest of the world, very current.

            Congratulations on the prize! It’s a beautiful sign of recognition. Is it possible to print information about it in Philos. Movement? I’d consider it essential.

            I’ve had no news about the reviews of Iza’s papers, but I think you could ask her about them yourself; she’s been notified about what we’re doing.

            There’s much to discuss (in a positive sense) about Szewczyk’s work; maybe we’ll still find a way to do that.

                                                         We send cordial regards to both of you

                                                                                                                              Your Tad



Tadeusz Czeżowski
Toruń, Warszawska 20

The Most Honourable
Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden
ul. Biskupia 14 apt.15