Request written 18.06.1921

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Warsaw, Złota 41 apt. 4.
 v      18/6/1921

   v       The Board of the Pomeranian School District
   v         v                    v                       in Toruń


I politely request that you notify me as soon as possible as to whether the issue of granting me reimbursement of relocation costs for taking the position of middle school teacher in Toruń has been settled yet, and, if so, in what sense. If this has not happened yet, I politely ask you to kindly notify me as to the date that a decision in this case is expected.
   v             I’m very sorry for presuming to insist on an answer and for asking for an expedited decision. However, having a family, I must remember my obligations in this regard and need to know now what means of subsistence I’ll be able to ensure for it during the coming school year. I can’t allow the situation to reach a point whereby I’m forced at the last minute (in the event of a breakdown of negotiations regarding the position in Toruń) to seek another position. Expediting the conclusion of the negotiations is important to me as well because I’d like, after working hard all year, to go on holiday, whereas in this uncertain situation I’m unable to do so. Finally, I’m awaiting the final decision, on one hand, because I need to finally settle the matter of a flat in Toruń, and on the other because, feeling myself bound to negotiations with the Board of the Pomeranian School District and the promise I was given two weeks ago that the matter could be favourably arranged, I’ve been forced to refuse several positions recently offered to me.
   v             For all these reasons, I’m asking you, Most Honoured School Board, to expedite this decision and inform me of the result as soon as possible.

I enclose expressions of profound esteem

Dr Roman Ingarden