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     c                       c                     c             To

the Board of the
Pomeranian School District
in Toruń


In connection with the proposal made to me by the Board of the Pomeranian School District in its letter of 7/4/1924 no. 3590/III, I hereby affirm that I will undertake lectures for summer courses for teachers of primary schools in the Pomeranian School District and practical exercises in the following subjects, possibly also in mathematics

I can take lectures in time periods: A, B, C, D. (cross out those that are redundant)

I have submitted the necessary personal details below:

1) name and surname                   Roman Ingarden

2) position and school in which I work regularly                teacher, state middle school in Toruń

3) education and (precise) professional qualifications     PhD in philosophy, University of Fribourg (Baden)

4) credited years of work         c     5       c       group and salary level         c           VIII b

5) economic supplement for   c persons

6) exact address (apartment, telephone no. if any)     c   Toruń, Mickiewicza 115, 2nd floor

in Toruń, 1 May 1924

Signature: Dr Roman Ingarden

A place for comments and wishes, which will be taken into account to the extent possible.

I can undertake lectures only provided that I can obtain a position as lecturer in a course in Wejherowo in July of this year.


No. R.75/24.