Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 29.03.1961

Rkp 1529 79   Cracow, 29/3/1961 Dear Władysław, With the approaching Easter holiday, I’m sending best […]

Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 23.06.1951

Editorial Committee of the Library c […]

Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 17.09.1956

Rkp 1529 60 Cracow[O1] , 17/9/56 Dear Władysław! I’m writing just in case I don’t find you […]

Postcard from Zofia Szuman written nd-3

Letter to Daniela Gromska written 04.02.1946

Letter to Mieczysław Wallis written 29.10.1969

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Letter from Kazimierz Twardowski written 31.12.1927

Lviv, 31 December 1927.     Honoured Colleague! Thank you very much for the letter from […]

Postcard from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 24.02.1967

Toruń, 24 February 1967. Dear Roman! Thank you for your card of the 21st of this month. I regret […]

Letter from Karol Wojtyła written 18.10.1967

Cracow, 18 October 1967     n Most Honourable Professor, […]

Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 16.12.1936

16.XII 1936 Honoured and Dear Professor: Thank you kindly for the brochure, which gave me a great deal of pleasure. […]

Transfer of lecture written 19.05.1928


Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 17.12.1931

Freib. i. Br., 17.XII.1931 Dear Friend, I am sorry that this fate came to pass on top of all […]



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