Information about resolutions written 08.09.1931

In Lviv, 8 September 1931.


      c                                                      To
    c     No. 686.                    c             c          c          c            THE MINISTRY OF
Hours commissioned by the      c          c          c          RELIGIOUS DOMINATIONS AND
Faculty of Romance Philology        c          c          c           PUBLIC EDUCATION
to Dr Roman Ingarden.

Dept. IV, Division of Higher Schools.

in Warsaw.

    c     The Council of the Department of Humanities, in response to the ordinance of the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Education of 30 June 1931 No. IV-SW-4889/31 freezing credit for the first chair of philosophy and thus preventing the filling of that chair or paying of substitutes, adopted the following resolutions at its meeting of 2 July 1931.

  1. to entrust to Dr Roman Ingarden, appointed by the resolution of 11 February 1931 as associate professor in this department, three commissioned hours, payable from credit for commissioned hours (presented in a separate document of the Dean’s office, dated 31 August 1931, no. 680, and shown in the general list of commissioned hours);
  2. to ask the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Education to authorise the entrustment of Dr Ingarden with three additional hours, provided that these additional three hours will be paid in 1931/32 from credit released from the department of Romance philology following the retirement of Prof. Porębowicz (the issue of substitution in the Romance department is presented in a separate document dated 7 September 1931, No. 687).

    c     Thus a full equivalent of a replacement for the immobilised philosophy department would be created, at least for the coming academic year.

    c     The Department Council considers the restoration of lectures and philosophical exercises as currently necessary in view of the programme of masters’ examinations, which provides for each masters’ candidate to take an examination in the chief principles of philosophy. In view of the vacant chair associated with lectures on the main principles and problems of philosophy, the implementation of the programme of masters’ studies may encounter great difficulty. On the other hand, the Department Council, being unable, due to the freezing of credit, to carry out its resolution of 11 February 1931 appointing Docent Dr Roman Ingarden to the chair, wishes in this way to extricate this representative of philosophy, the most outstanding of the young generation of Polish philosophers and well-known abroad, especially to German science, from the conditions of work as a middle-school teacher, difficult to reconcile with academic work, and associate him with the University.

    c     The resolutions of the Department Council were adopted by the Academic Senate at its meeting of 7 September 1931.

    c     The undersigned Deputy Dean asks the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Education for approval of the resolution of the Department Council formulated in section 2).

XXX. 8/11/31              c          c          c          c          c          c            Dr Podlacha

    c          c          c          c          c          c          c          c               Deputy Dean, Dept. of Hum.