Letter from Halina Poświatowska written 25.07.1964

Częstochowa, 25/7/1964.

Dear Honoured Professor!

          n            Please don’t be angry with me for not returning the lectures for so long. I can’t, because 10 days ago I brought them to Częstochowa and began to read, when – well, when it dawned on me that I had to look through my own scribblings and prepare a third volume of poems. It’s been a week of very honest work, proofreading, and rewriting. The third volume is called Oswajanie słów [Taming of words] and is still terribly astray, but soon I’ll send it to Czytelnik [Reader] or to Iskier [Sparks], so as not to overload Wydawnictwo Literackie [Literary Publishers]. I’m going to take the novel that you saw to Masuria with me (I’m leaving today) and sit with it for two to three weeks. I’d like to correct it so that there won’t be any objections of a formal nature, at least.
        n            I also thought about taking your lectures, but if you think that it would be safer for them in Cracow, I’ll ask my mum to send them to you by registered mail on 1 August, rather than after your return to Cracow. Then I’ll take them back from you; I can take one at a time and bring it back immediately after copying it. I hope that next year (i.e. from October on) I’ll have more time, because, if one of my books is accepted, I’ll have a little money and won’t have to earn so much with these tedious translations. Generally I’m rather non-conformist and I’d really like to manage by myself, without the official help of the chair of natural sciences.
        n            Once again, I thank you very, very much for your support with Director Słapa; I cordially congratulate you on the publication in German of Spór [o istnienie świata; Controversy Over the Existence of the World], and I send both of you my most cordial greetings.

Halina Poświatowska

PS: If you don’t want the lectures to be sent by post, please send a card to the following address: Halina Poświatowska, Częstochowa, Jasnogórska 23 apt. 7.