Letter from Irena Krońska written in 01.02.1947

 53, rue des Chénaux
Sceaux (Seine)

Dear Professor!

 v        Thank you for your last letter. I believe that in the meantime you have already received the issues of Revue Philos. from 1946 – they were called by the Polish Bookstore in front of me and I was told that they had already been sent. Revue de Mét. et de Mor., in turn, cannot accept the subscription for 1946, because all copies have been distributed already – only for 1947 – the money left by the Professor does not cover the last subscription anymore, so there will be a slight negative balance on Professor’s account with Mr. Lam.
 v        I asked at the Polish Bookstore about the chances to possibly borrow a typewriter – unfortunately they cannot lend one, since the Germans took everything from them and now, I only have two, which are private property and constantly needed. They called an acquainted French company – and, though with difficulty, you could borrow one from them – but it would cost FR 650 a month.
 v        As for the price of translations, I could find out what the local ones are – but maybe you could ask Professor from Prof. Wędk., who is sure to be much better informed in this area. A pro pos prof. W., maybe you know if and when he returns to Paris. I was told here that Polish-French exchange scholarships are largely dependent on him – I would be very happy if I could get such a thing.
 v        Still no news from Ganszyniec – have you not received his private address in the meantime? I would be very grateful if you could share it with me
 v        Nothing interesting has come out here – if something does, I will let Professor know. Wahl organizes a private series of discussion lectures – (college philosophique, something akin to our privatissima) – Either way, my husband will be attending them, and maybe I also will – I will write Professor what I talked about (starts the day after tomorrow)
 v        XXX and Presses Univ. do not issue catalogs – because the prices are changing, so publishing houses do not want to make any binding agreements. But I do check there once in a while – I have not seen anything new so far. Deukalion (second issue) is to be released at the end of August.

I am waiting for the promised books and copies. Respect and greetings
from us both

Irena Krońska

P.S. You mentioned to that I could send you XXX articles that were of popular nature to be published in the country. I have written one thing on the end of the Peloponnesian War – would that be something that would qualify? If possible, I would like to send my royalties to my mother-in-law in Warsaw, since her situation is quite difficult. Maybe you would be willing to let me know if the monthly magazine you mentioned is still an option.