Letter from Irena Krońska written in 05.06.1947

Sceaux, 6/5, 1947


Dear Professor!

    c           I am writing in response to Professor’s two letters, from the 19th and the 31st of April. I have finished rewriting the translation on the typewriter a few days ago and in accordance with Professor’s wishes I called Mr. Koyré, who arranged an appointment with me for the day after tomorrow; he has not received Professor’s letter yet, but he will of course gladly review the translation. – I did not make any additions, because in the absence of direct contact with Professor it would be risky – I translated XXX in full and only changed the example of Caesar Norwid to Caesar Shakespeare, and Zagłoba’s to Tartarin from Tarascon’s.
    c           I have been so busy for the last month – and especially these days – that I barely even have the time to write a letter. That is why today I am only writing a few words, and not philosophically.
    c           I am very happy about the prospect of a long visit from Professor. I hope you will forgive me for supplying the requested economic information later – now I have a lot of deadlines, so I had to give up my plans to go to England, and maybe I can do it during the summer holidays. As for the life in Paris, so far prices have remained more or less at the same level as during Professor’s last stay. Decent hotel room about 3000 a month. Dinners at the restaurant at the same price as in autumn. The Bibliothéque Nationale is open round the clock – there is a restaurant there, e.g. they serve lunches for around Fr 80. Maybe I can manage to find a cheaper room during the holidays privately. If you are already certain about your trip, please write me and I will see what I can do.
    c           I have almost finished reading the Controversy Over the Existence of the World. I had to suspend the reading a few days ago, but in a week, I should definitely be able to get back to it and finish. Either way, I have already reflected on certain topics, and as I have read a lot of the latest philosophical literature here recently, I am partly confronting Professor’s position with the current trends. In any case, I would like to write about it, and quite extensively, but I do not know if it would be for Rev. de Mét. In any case, after I complete the reading, I will write to you regarding my basic impressions. For now, I owe Professor congratulations on such a beautiful objectification of a huge philosophical effort. I think that Professor should be, and probably is, very happy about it.
    c           In philosophical news – Gilson’s grand reception at the French Academy. The speech was truly interesting.
I am glad that it is no longer difficult to send books from the country – the proof of it being that I have received a few things recently, and it happened very swiftly. Hopefully the same will apply to Professors parcels sent to me.
    c           I learn about the translation of Man and time only from the Professor’s letter. Where will it be announced? Was the translation in Italian?

My deepest respect and friendly regards
    c           Yours sincerely
    c                 c           Irena Krońska

      c           Best regards from my husband. – Paris is wonderful, and Sceaux is completely covered in roses, we too have roses in our garden and in the apartment

P.S. One more request – please do not register the letters, because ordinary mail arrives faster, and there is a yet another source of delay with the registered ones – I am usually not home during the delivery of the letters, so it is only the next day that I can get them at the post office