Letter from Irena Krońska written in 19.04.1947

Paris, 4/19/1947

Dear Professor!

 c   n  With thanks I confirm the receipt of your kind letter from April 12, together with the certificate from prof. Ganszyniec. – I have not received the article XXX translation yet. The book has not arrived either. As soon as I receive something, I will confirm its receipt. As for the royalties, as I was informed, articles in revues pay 2-3 thousand Fr. – so at least half would be for Professor as the author.
 c   n  I went to the Polish Bookstore once again to ask about the magazine for the philosophical seminar, and they made a phone call in front of me, again, and Presses Univ. said the items were long sent. Or maybe you have already received them in the meantime?
 c   n  Collége Philos. invited a bunch of outsiders this trimester and it seems like the lectures will be very interesting, one already took place, German XXX. – on collective experience.
 c   n  Could Professor already specify your plans for Paris? I am going to London for about two weeks or a month, and of course I would not want us to miss each other in Paris. I will move up or delay my trip accordingly.
 c   n  I read that volume of Bergson recently – I cannot remember if Professor bought it from Vrin at the time.

 c   n  Paris is very beautiful, and our Sceaux has gained charm and other great advantages with the arrival of the warm season. We were at the Versailles on Sunday; the pink marbles of the Trianon are unmatched this fall. We are going tomorrow too, to XXX – we want to take advantage of spring Sundays. On Easter we were in St. Cloud, where we have friends, it was lovely.

 c   n  I shall finish for now and am awaiting the article and book, which should probably arrive in the next few days, with curiosity. And speaking of, I think that it is best to send ordinary letters (i.e. not registered mail) by air mail, they arrive the fastest.

Deepest respect and friendly regards
from both of us

Irena Krońska