Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 04.04.1937

4.IV 1937
Honoured and Dear Professor: Thank you for a copy of the paper – It contains exactly the things I am writing about at the moment. I have to quote the entire exc(r)erpt (pardon the expression) [in Polish the word “ustęp” means “toilet bowl”]. For the time being, your letter remains unanswered. This is one of the most encouraging encouragements I know and the reaction will be v[ery] important (for me too). Already, you have the ability to degut me through and true. But I have a few commissions, and at the same time I am writing a thing that I cannot leave and I have not replied to any phil[osophical] correspondence so far. I need you very much and this summer I have to see you because I have swelled. Metallmann sent his critique of my “gauptwierk” [“hauptwerk”] to the “Ruch” Press. I do not know if I can publish a short reply in the same issue? Could you find out whether Ajdukiewicz received my brochure and whether he gave you my manuscript. He gives no sign of mogul life whatsoever. Meanwhile, I enclose words of deep respect and attachment. Greetings for the family  =   I’m sending F.G. [family greetings]. There have been no greater (coco) benders.

   N                  Witkacy

It’s wonderful to write on this paper. Excuse me.