Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 03.01.1961

POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES                        v      v        v              Warsaw, 3 January 1961



           v      v        v      Most Honoured Professor!

I cordially thank you for the letter, photographs, and information about the Congress. It comes as no surprise to me, knowing how highly your knowledge and concepts are valued in the world.
       v   I don’t believe there’s any ill will on Prof. Szulkin’s part. On the contrary, I’ve been repeatedly convinced of his prudent conduct of the foreign affairs of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In your case, some misunderstanding, for which I ask you to forgive the Academy, must have played a role.
       v   For my part, I’ll always try to help you with troubles of this kind, and please always alert me.

       v          v          v          v          v   I enclose expressions of respect

       v          v          v          v          v          v   S Żółkiewski