Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 07.07.1967

POLISH ACADEMY OF SCIENCES                     c                            c                         c               Warsaw, 7 July 1967
      c          c                            c                         c                      c                            c                  Palace of Culture and Science

L. dz. SN/53/67


           c      Most Honoured Professor!

         c The Committee for Research on Contemporary Culture of the Polish Academy of Sciences is organising, under the auspices of UNESCO, an International Congress dedicated to issues of semiotics in autumn of the coming year. As exact dates, we anticipate the days from 25 August to 1 September 1968.
         c We’re proposing the following scientific issues:
         c 1) general theory of signs;
         c 2) semiotics of natural, artificial, and substitute languages (surrogate languages
         c     [in English in the original]);
         c 3) semiotics of art, which we would regard here as the semiotics of written and
         c      oral literature as well as of visual arts, music, theatre, film, etc.;
         c 4) semiotics of behaviour. We understand that all forms of non-linguistic or of
         c     not purely linguistic communication would come into play at this point (kinesics,
         c     proxemics [in English in the original]) as well as all types of customs and
         c     etiquette in the broadest sense of the word;
         c 5) semiotics of myth;
         c 6) zoosemiotics.

         c We understand that point 2 will also include semiotics of mathematics and that items 2 and 3 may cover studies of semiotic systems over time. We’d be very happy if you were willing to take part in our congress.
         c If you find this interesting and feasible, please submit your topic by 1 October of this year and send your text – or theses that would suffice as a basis for discussion – by 1 February 1968.
         c For organisational reasons, it is necessary for us to provide accurate information concerning given dates and the number of participants and topics of speeches. Thus we will have to treat a lack of response as opting out of participation in the Congress.
         c I enclose expressions of genuine respect

I replied in the affirmative 20/7/1967                           c                         Secretary
‘On the expediency of generalising the           c                        Department of Social Sciences
concept of the sign’                               c                                         Polish Academy of Sciences

                           c          c          c          c          c          c          c         S Żółkiewski

[the above is evidently Ingarden’s notation – trans.]         c  (Prof. Dr Stefan Żółkiewski)