Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 31.10.1965

Tadeusz Czeżowski                                                                                           Toruń. 31/10/1965

Toruń, Warszawska 20

                                                                       The Most Honourable

                                                                       Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden

            In accordance with the results of the discussion at the conclusion of the 11th Conference of the thematic Group on the History of Logic in Cracow on April 24 of this year, the next conference will take place in April 1966. In this discussion, several proposals aimed at outlining the programmes of future meetings were put forward; however, no such programme could be unambiguously established; the reason for this is, I think, the fact that conference participants do not form a team with shared themes and working methods, but work individually; thus, our conferences provide an overview of work on the history of logic currently being carried out in our country, but do not serve as a central hub or nexus for this work. However, it might be possible to attempt to rely on local connections which are actually emerging in Cracow, Lublin, and Warsaw and obtain thematic connections somewhat indirectly in this way, so that a particular local milieu will appear at the conference with a greater number of papers on related topics, thus fulfilling the conference programme entirely or in great measure.

            I invite the Honoured Conference Participants to further discussion on this topic, and, at the same time, I am asking you to submit papers to me as soon as possible for next year’s conference, which will make it much easier to establish its programme.

                                                                                              I attach my best regards

                                                                                                 /Tadeusz Czeżowski/

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            My dear friend!

            I’m adding a few words to tell you that I’m about halfway through reading Szewczyk’s dissertation; it’s quite exhausting reading, because I’m trying to pick out the logical skeleton of the arguments, which are buried in extensive preparatory considerations. But the overall impression is positive; a serious and original piece!

4/11 65                                                                                  Your Tad